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Time tends to accelerate, and like a wheel it picks up momentum. Slowly when you’re a child, then faster at youth. In your 30’s, the wheel spins like crazy and you start losing track of years and dreams and old friends. Quickly after the maelstrom, you die. Old people say that this process unfolds much faster than you would think.

Why you should start your own blog

Given that the bell will toll too early, you don’t want to end up realizing that you’ve spent your entire life postponing those great projects that scared you.

In case you forgot, your personal countdown has started, and already:

How many promises did you forget you even made?

How many dreams did you ditch for lack of clarity and commitment?

I might bore you to tears with my self-help lameness (I’m annoying myself too, BTW) yet I believe that life is wasted if you don’t live your dreams to the fullest, which implies guts and tons of persistence.

So how does blogging help with exterminating procrastination and half-assed commitments?

It’s a fantastic way to use your audience as a witness. Each time you decide to make a life changing decision, you can tell your readers. Once you make it publicly known that you’ve decided to stop injecting meth, for instance you hit the “publish” button and there is no coming back, everybody knows it and expects you to keep your word. You can’t fail, or you would totally embarass yourself. You don’t want that, your readers don’t want that, no one wants that.

That “accountability effect” has made a tremendous difference in me, in many cases Blogging plays the role of a power diary, it’s my companion, my confident, but also the coach that whips my butt to help me move on.

Freedom and Independence

Here’s two common objections to writing a blog:

It’s gonna take too much of my time

I don’t want to share my life with people I don’t know

Yet that’s what most of us do everyday for hours on Facebook: and we do it for a corporation that owns our pics and insights and sells them to whoever’s willing to pay for our personal junk.

Let’s face it, we’re all blogging already, we just not doing it right. Instead of giving away your personal content to a fortune 500 company why not do it for yourself? In the end, you might even make it a source of income

Another great benefit of having your own blog is that it becomes your means of FREE expression: you can say whatever you damn well please, even if it breaks all conventions and threatens the interests of corporations and governments. Your Blog is YOUR thing, whether you’re a communist revolutionary or an illegal drug lover, you can still speak your mind.

Until next post, take care ! 

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