How have you been, readers ?

I'm sorry I didn't write in the last few days.

What happens when you smile on your own, thinking of a joke you’ve just heard?

50% people you meet smile back at you, some even say hi.


That happens to me a lot, I’m sometimes embarrassed by people waving at me and then I realize the unconscious grin on my face… Smiling makes relationships easier with most people, in most cultures and in most situations. Be the one that smiles first, don’t wait for people to do it, and don’t wait for a good reason to smile, you will find the reasons when you start smiling, that’s the trick.

Once you get started with smiling, you’ll see the worst people change their behavior dramatically. It’s very hard to frown at someone that smiles, it actually takes so much effort that usually people give in fairly quickly.

Needless to say that once you get someone to smile back at you, they are unconsciously willing to help you already. Train the smile muscles, the reward is 600% more gratifying than any freaking fitness class.

Smiling without a reason is not a sign of brain decay, BTW, so don’t be shy about it.

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