12 March 2020  - Let's travel to TAMBUNAN, SABAH

TAMBUNAN - A hilly and tranquil place with beautiful rice fields and surrounded by lush forest

Tambunan is like a pretty but introvert girl who is shy away from strangers. Only when you are care to know her better, you will uncover her hidden gems and fall in love with her. Tambunan is so quiet that it gets the least attention from tourist. But, to find a beautiful girl in Sabah, Tambunan is the answer (kidding :D). Tambunan is about 80 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu city.
There are many remarkable places to visit and things to do in Tambunan. Check it out ! 


Mahua Waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Sabah, located in Tambunan about 12 kilometres away from town. Nestled with a substation of Crocker Range Park, the waterfall is located off the old route to Ranau on a paved road to its entrance at Mahua Substation. From here, a half-kilometre jungle trail lined with boardwalks leads to a majestic 17-meter high waterfall, which cascades down a stunning rim-like cavity. 

A small ticket fee - RM3- grants visitors access to the park for the whole day - camping is permitted while jungle lodge (Mahua Rainforest Paradise) next door provides budget room and dormitory accommodation with seminar hall and restaurant on stanby.


Kipandi Butterfly Park is the best place to see those beautiiful insects in different colors and it is fairly accessible. Just take the road from Penampang to Tambunan. After an hour of driving, you will pass by a road with 120 degree turn going uphill. Please be careful because it is a black-zone for car accident. 

The ticket fee for Malaysian adult is RM10, foreigner tourist is RM20. While children will get half price.


Spread across a total area of 1399 sq. kilometres, the Crocker Range National Park is considered the largest national park in Sabah. The National Park was recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere in 2014 which made it the second Malaysian site after the Chini Lake in Pahang.

Among the attractions to be found in the Crocker Range Park are the Rafflesia sites, trekking courses, birding activity and camping ground.


Sinurambi is a Dusun language which refers to little huts normally seen in paddy fields. Sinurambi is the name given to an iconic viewing tower overlooking Tambunan valley. It's about 3-storey high made of metal structure and inspired shape from traditional Dusun back carrier called 'wakid'. Sinurambi offers 3-level viewing platforms with different capacity.
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