No matter how bad-looking your attempt is, DO IT. The concern to do something perfectly should be wiped away without a second thought and replaced by the expectation of getting SOMETHING done, no matter how imperfect.
Just do it !!
For instance, you’d like to learn how to draw?

Then draw something! No matter how inexperienced you are. Maybe your first self-portrait will look like a cucumber with mole’s eyes, so what?

At least it’s a start, something you can step on to grow further. Something you should reward yourself for. You’ll probably make fun of your “masterpieces” in 3 years, especially as you’ll have progressed so much it’ll be ridiculous.

They’re watching you !

when we’re trying to succeed in something, we get self-conscious . This sense of insecurity often gives rise to the creepy feeling that other people are judging us.

Seriously, it’s time to throw away the idea that you’re being silently evaluated. Let’s be straightforward: people don’t care so much about what you do, their main focus is on themselves. Whether you achieve your projects or not will have zero impact on their life.

99.7% of people around you don’t pay attention to your mistakes, the remaining 0.3% fall into two categories:

~ Friends: who will support you whatever you do, nothing to be afraid about, you can screw up all you want.
~ Jealous people: who try to rejoice in your failures in order to soothe their own insecurities. They might even criticize what you’re doing, which is the trademark of jealousy and a mediocre mindset.

Just let them cope with their anxiety! You hold no responsibility for it. You don’t owe them perfection, there’s no pleasing them, anyway: if you screw up they’ll make lousy comments, and if you succeed they’ll be even more pissed.

You’re basically on your own, so who’s the only person judging you?


Is that self-judgement getting you anywhere?


It just has no benefit other than a paralyzing effect, eventually you might even be tempted to drop the ball.

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