With the Covid19 pandemic still looming around us, our world have been turned upside down and inside out, however one thing is for sure: we need too stay home. For those of us with a wandering heart, all this time is one place can feel limiting.
Don't you feel exhausted ?

All those struggles, for dreams, for promises.
While your life is running out, certainly.
Please give yourself a break, this time, stop for a moment.
And breathe.

There's never been a better time to stop.
Drop all your ambitions, leave them at the door if you can.

You owe yourself a break, this is a serious business, more serious than a thousand position openings. Wasting time is OK, go ahead, death will forgive.

How does i feel to do nothing,
Without any label attached to it ?
Without justification?

The economy can wait, because some things come for free.

Like this moment.

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