It's so good to talk to you again !

Although life is still a complete mystery to me, I thought it’d be nice to share a bit of assertive confusion with you my readers, in the form of a random list of facts. Let me warn you: some of these truths are of such depth I have no idea what they mean.

Life Challenge

1. Start now, plan on the fly, adjust all the way until completion.

2. Run away from alliances, develop friendships.

3. If you know how to resuscitate your motivation, nothing will ever resist you

4. Don’t hate harmful people, just keep your distance. That’s basic hygiene.

5. Love everything, everyone, even those who voted for "Madey" twice. 

6. Relatives are the termites of creativity, solitude is where new ideas mate

7. When a problem shows up: rejoice, it’s about to teach you more about yourself.

8. Bad people smile more often than kind ones, beware of the polite!

9. Stay silent whenever you get a chance.

10. Don’t seek everyone’s approval, everybody needs you to do something controversial, particularly those who are against you.

11. If you succeed, congratulate yourself, if you fail, take notes and congratulate yourself.

12. Bury your perfect idea, spread some manure on it and then water it everyday.

13. Dark is the path of pride. Dark, lonely, and a little ridiculous on the side.

14. There’s no such thing as bad patience.

15. If you think teenagers are stupid, remember that poster of Iron Maiden you use to have in your bedroom. Be kind to  young brats, their self-esteem doesn’t need another hater .

16. If you think you’re not smart enough, remember: you once learned to speak a language.

17. Hostile people will want your friendship if you treat them with genuine respect.

18. Those who think they need more power meet the requirements for a long therapy.

19. If you can make it a daily habit, you WILL get there, worry no more.

20. If we don’t care for others, we become so easy to manipulate.

21. Mingle with those who do better than you, you’ll experience a stimulating form of embarrassment.

22. It’s harmful to give name to things we know nothing about, like Death, for instance.

23. To make a difference, you need to change the way you talk to yourself.

24. If you want to change the world, start with how you do it.

25. You’re going to get old, so follow those who’ve done it right.

26. To win against anger, just apply this single instruction: LATER.

27. You can’t buy time with money. Cut down on work hours and love more.

28. Question your certainties, don’t replace them with other certainties. See if that makes you freer.

29. You’re officially allowed to complain, indulge and procrastinate for the sheer sake of it. I have spoken.

30. Hope is just a disguise for anxiety. Friend the present moment, it pays cash.

31. Give every situation a chance to make you more flexible, smarter and compassionate.

32. Whatever you want to accomplish, give it 5 years, minimum.

34. If you’re being criticized, at least you’re doing something worth criticizing. YES !

35. You don’t know what you’ve said until the others respond.

36. Invest now, spend later.

37. Seizing opportunities is not as important as letting go of those that would distract you.

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