Travel. Travel. Travel ! Visitors to Sabah are often in search of amazing islands and beaches such as Sipadan, Mataking and Mabul, where you can go for diving or snorkeling or just swimming. There are also those who seek out adventurous activities like climbing Mount Kinabalu. 
So, today this article is about Hot Spring, Ranau. It is located in the Ranau, district and about two hours drive away from the city of Kota Kinabalu. The Hot Spring is situated in the lowlands and is surrounded by rainforests. 

Why Hot Spring is a 'Must Go'

Soaking in the mineral-infused hot spring waters is good for health and  improves blood circulation. It is relaxing, soothes away any aches or pains that you may have and it is a good way to de-stress your stress. This is the place that I recommend to you for picnic with your family or friends. There are also many other activities that you can do and interesting places that you can visit close by.

What To Do ?

Relaxing. Enjoying. Enjoy soaking and relaxing in the hot springs with your family and friends. These Japanese-style bath comprise open-air tiled bath with taps which you can fill with fresh water from the hot springs. Just in case, you are shy-person, there are also enclosed baths withing gazebo-chalet like shelter that offer more privacy and a bit expensive.
Say hello to the butterflies ! you can visit the butterfly farm, orchid conservation centre, tropical garden, canopy walk (said to be the highest in the state), or a jungle trekking. 

You might also encounter some interesting flora and fauna here such as the world's largest flower - the Rafflesia - as well as various birds, insects, and wild monkeys. Yes, wild monkey !

Who Will Like It ?

This is fact - tired hikers love it so much ! Poring Hot Spring is where tired hikers head to after climbing Mount Kinabalu because the water helps soothe any aches and pains from the strenuous climb. But, even if you don't intend to climb Mount Kinabalu, you are still likely to enjoy soaking in the hot springs to relax.
The place is very well-known among locals and tourists.

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