THINGS TO DO IN INANAM, SABAH - Let's travel to Inanam

Inanam is a suburb and sub-district of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. It is situated 10km from Kota kinabalu city center. Wonder what's to explore around Inanam ? let's check it out !

The village is located about 25  minutes away from the city. The journey will take you to long roads surrounded by a rich spectrum of greenery and over arched by wild blue skies. In the village, the colors of cultural diversity are not an issue but rather pride, where you can savor the soul of Sabah. Upon arrival at the entrance of the village, you will be ushered to the warmth of different homes of the ethnicity of Sabah. 

Each home was built by descendant of the tribes they represent and offer you a truly genuine experience seeing everything in and around the village lends to its magical prowess of taking you back in time.


Kionsom Waterfall is famous among the locals and can be crowded especially during weekends and holidays. It is at the foot hilly terrain covered with lush forest and to Kionsom river. The entrance fee for adult is only RM1.50 and RM0.50 for children. For foreigner the price is double. 

Easy to find ! when you come from Kota Kinabalu city, just follow the directions to Inanam. In Inanam you take right at the roundabout to Jalan Kionsom. At the end of this road, just after the Mari-Mari Cultural Village, you will find the waterfall.

Once at the waterfalls, you can make the opportunity to swim, relax and cool down the humidity of the rainforest in the clear, natural water. Trekking trough the rainforest provides the perfect opportunity to spot and observe wildlife and plant-life, otherwise known as flora and fauna.


The Puh Toh Tze temple is a Buddhist temple located off Tuaran Road. Built in 1980, the temple stands out with its traditional Chinese roofing and structure. Ten large statues of deities adorn  the temple with the Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin, standing  tall at the main entrance of the temple.

The Inanam Night Market has so many to offers - there are so many varieties of thing you can find here from foods, drinks, clothes, handphone gadgets to fishes, poultry and so on. The atmosphere was so lively with all the sellers shouting try to get your attention to visit their stall.


Look no further than Kokol Hill for an easy and peaceful day trip away from the city. Located just 30 minutes away from Inanam road or 15 minutes away from Mari-Mari Cultural Village, Kokol Hill is still developing in the stages of becoming a tourist destination.

Kokol Hill is a great place for you to enjoy fresh air and feel fully relaxed, while enjoying the cold weather a top of the hill overlooking Kota Kinabalu city.

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