As Covid19 continues to disrupt lives around the world, people online are tapping into old memories on social media to cope with a time when new ones might be difficult to make. For those who enjoy being active online, these can be a fun and entertaining way to interact with others while still practicing social distancing or self-isolation. Regardless of whether they're photos from childhood or throwback shots from just a few years ago.

oh well, friends, do you remember these photos ? 
If life is a performance, perform it well. If it's a walk, walk it right. If it's a calculated process, calculate your best. Whatever you do, do it with all your might. For we will all live but once, but the things we have done will make all the difference. And at the end, all that matters to all is that we have reached out and been a blessing.

Time really flies fast !

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LampuHijau berkata…
My childhood memories keep running back to me as I miss them a lot.