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Happy new year ! Here's to 2019 ! I definitely know I wanted to say a huge thank you for an amazing year 2018 ! That's a given but that being said, I'll say it anyway ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Your support, comments and kind words mean so much and I can't tell you how grateful we are.
So, long short story about the family day of Mr and Mrs Gontuong (my late grandparents) which held on 28th December 2018. For me, a family day or a family reunion is more of a gathering of the diaspora. This is when you make a point of inviting every collateral relative no matter how distant the connection, or how far away they live, for a chance to reconnect with people they haven't seen in years, and meet the new additions. yay ! This is when the second and third cousins get invited, as well as the first cousins. I know, family reunion is much more inclusive of a wider range of relatives, say, all descendants of a specific couple, usually 3 or more generations back. There can be hundreds of people at such a reunion, just like our recently family reunion.
When I saw the whole family gathered together and how cramped they were, I realized that my family IS that big. And again, I asked 'is our family really this big?'. Yes ! and I felt sorry didn't talk to many people on that day because I was fairly shy (lol). I may not know them all, but they are still my family, I love them, and they love me...yeah, I mean please love me back. haha.
It was a joyful day. Yes we missed 'tapa and tina' but could feel them with us. We knew they were smiling and enjoying all of us together.  Thank you for teaching us the importance of a close and loving family. It doesn't have expensive to be fun. 
Dear cousins, especially Pst Norijah, thanks a lot for being the 'pengerusi majlis', you rock !  all chefs for the yummylicious foods -- ahh, kari tuhau masih melekat dilidah, thank you to all sponsors who sponsored the gifts especially for the lucky name. Thank you for the rice cooker and fan ! we---the family of Anthony, the eldest son of my grandparents love it very much !
Yes, I have to admit it. Families are living farther apart than ever before. Yes, we have the technology especially WhatApps to stay connected, but it that really enough ? It is no longer the era where cousins are spending entire school holidays balik kampung jumpa nenek. Sometimes we are lucky to even get together during the holidays.  So, thank you for the memories created on Pitimungan Sinakagon Gontuong + Sondoroi 2018'. 

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

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Kayathre berkata…
Very nice. It always nice to gather with family. We need to organise family reunion often to keep the bond tight. I love family reunions.
Suria Amanda berkata…
This kind of family event or gathering is a must in our life, maybe 2-3 times a year, kata orang melayu eratkan silaturrahim...keakraban sesebuah keluarga perlu dipupuk..lepas baca entry ni ni baru SA sedar yanyang kami dah jarang buat gathering satu keturunan...
Wow good laaa.. make it yearly events for family gathering.
CIK TOM berkata…
happy new year and may all your dreams come true..wah seronoknya buat family gathering mcm ni..bukan senang nak berkumpul semua..
Ezna Khalili berkata…
Family gathering selalunya time orang kahwin. Best dapat jumpa semua family dan saudara. Boleh bertanya khabar. Kalau family terdekat selalu buat gathering makan2.
Bestnya ads family gatherings,enjoy dgn sekali sekala bila blk kpg
Syafiera Yamin berkata…
The kids looks so much happy and especially yang menang hadiah kipas tu.. bestnya buat family gathering.. suka nya tengok sebab bukan senang nak berkumpul bila masing masing dah ada keluarga sendiri kan... happy new year btw may all your dreams come true too ;)
Balqis Athirah berkata…
Menarik betul buat family gathering macam ni. Boleh kenal ahli keluarga yang jauh-jauh. Sememangnya kita sangat sayangkan semua ahli keluarga kita kan
Hanny Abdullh berkata…
Best kan berkumpul dengan keluarga macam ni. Sis tahun lepas aje tak buat kumpul2 macam ni coz mak baru meninggal. This year mayb akan buat semula..
JMR berkata…
Happy new year to you & your family!
best dapat berkumpul ramai ramai mcm ni
Emi berkata…
Family gathering is something that i love. Gather with the whole family does feel good. we're planning for a family day as well for this year.
Wawa Ashihara berkata…
Wah bagusnya dpt buat family gathering cmni.. Happening je kan.. Lagi2 kalau time kawen buat skli cmni..mesti meriah sgt..
Bagusnya ada family gathering pasti meriah, lebih2 lagi bila dah berkumpul ramai2 sekeluarga tentu seronok kan?
Aliza Sara berkata…
This reminds me of my family gatherings. Its always nice to catch up with family every once in a while.
Tengkubutang berkata…
woww.. best ni buat family gathering macam ni kan.. kalau buat macam ni boleh mengeratkan lagi hubungan sesama keluarga.. syoknya rasa.. TB tak pernah lagi baut camni.. huhu
precious cla berkata…
Thank you guys for drop by and write some comments here. Appreciate it ! Have a great day ahead :D. God bless each of you.