30 September 2017

Anyeonghaseyo ! today's topic is about Ski Festival in Gangwon, South Korea. Yea, imagine your Korea. Take skiing and snowboarding lessons offered in various languages and enjoy exciting performances and cultural experiences !
In Korea, visitors can discover a whole in new world of skiing through the Fun Ski Festival, the Go ! Go! Ski Festival, and the Snow Tube Race Festival.
Ski Festival In Gangwon, South Korea
Daemyung VIVALDI PARK is a four seasons leisure complex having water themed park, golf club and horse riding club as well. Along with a good accessibility from Seoul area, many visitors continously find Daemyung VIVALDI PARK. Since its launch in 2015, VIVALDI PARK collaborated Ski with K-food and the following year Ski with K-Culture.

The packages includes All-Day-Pass with dept basic ski lesson.s For Muslim Travellers, Prayer room can be provided and also halal certified restaurants can be found inside VIVALDI PARK. Other than ski, participants can choose to go to Jjimjilbang (Korean Sauna), Indoor waterpark, Outdoor Hotspring or even horse riding ! so no need to worry in case you got afraid of skiing after trying once.
Ski Festival In Gangwon, South Korea
On top of it, carefully selected Korean food will be served for ultimate Korea-experience. You will have chance to enjoy various Korean street and traditional food ! The master chef of VIVALDI PARK-Jung Jin Seop, who has been nominated as 'Master of Korean fermented food' by World Food Culture Centre will be in charge of all dishes. And also the master chefs will teach you how to make real-Korean food.  The menu changes every year according to participants' preferences !

Fun Ski and Snow Tube Festival at Yongpyong Resort
Ski Festival In Gangwon, South Korea
This ski festival is held from mid-December to early March at Yongpyong Resort, Korea's first ski resort and a well-known host of international competitions.  It offers a fun and exciting winter experience with skiing and snowboarding lessons taught by expert instructors, skiing competitions and award ceremonies, and a wide range of hands-n programs and performances.

Go! Go! Ski at High 1 Resort
Ski Festival In Gangwon, South Korea
This ski festival is held from the peak of winter in mid-December to early March at High 1 Resort, which is equipped with top-notch facilities. It offers a memorable experience particularly to tourists from Southeast Asian and other snowless regions. Visitors can take part in expert-taught skiing lessons of varying difficulty as well as performances and events to experience the beauty and charm of Korean  culture.

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