30 July 2018

# random life

CLA TRAVEL : Blog-ish


It’s been more serious than usual around here lately, hasn’t it?

I’m one of those bloggers that, 97% of the time, doesn’t plan their posts. I’ll occasionally get an idea or write down some dialogue that I find entertaining, but generally my posts start by staring at a blank white screen. Honestly, I just start typing. Sometimes I’ll write an entire page before I figure out just what I’m working toward. Maybe that’s why I have trouble with conclusions. (There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.)
Serious posts are necessary for even the most dedicated humorist, I think. And some write in such a way that their personality and wit shine through even the most unforgiving of topics. I won’t give you examples of those bloggers – there’s no need and I've done it more than once already. Take a look at my blogroll and you’ll stumble upon one or two.

Nearly all of the posts I’ve written that I’m proud of aren’t funny at all. I find this highly amusing because I’ve never wanted to be that sort of writer. It’s easy enough to relate embarrassing stories about yourself or make fun of your surroundings. It’s a great deal harder, for me anyway, to write about more meaningful things. A lot of the serious happenings or feelings I’ve shared on this blog, I’ve never shared elsewhere. I’m a very private person in terms of emotional displays – tears, sadness, and even love. They make me uncomfortable and embarrassed. 

I could delve into why I have issues with those things, but I’ll leave that for another white screen and beckoning cursor. This was merely an impromptu service announcement, a just in case you were wondering what the hell’s been going on around here sort of deal. Now it’s time for the real post.

Keep thinking…what should I write here..Ok guys let me tell ya about something . I need a vacation. I mean going somewhere, Langkawi ? oh wow. or Bario ? wow.  Ok give me sometimes and I’ll be back again. Will be write soon.


Cik Ash said...

Kalau saya pilih langkawi nak pergi travel untuk. Tenangkan fikiran tu

Wawa Ashihara said...

Cla try travel area semenanjung lak la.. Sblm ni dh byk kt borneo... Mesti best klo dpt travel semenanjung pula

Tengkubutang said...

haa..I’m also a very private person in terms of emotional displays tau .. hehe.. so dekat blog la nak luah semua.. cuma masa je tak ada nak menulis semua cerita di blog

Syamimi Saad said...

Bestnya kalau berpeluang untuk travel sana sini macam cla.. Meh la datang semenanjung. Banyak juga tempat menarik tau

el said...

k.el sekeluarga tengah plan nak p CH ni..ramai tgok bloggers pi sana..dah mcm memanggil2 pula hihi

Nadia Johari said...

Blog ni tempat nad cerita apa sahaja..haahha..tapi kalau nak luah tu, luah benda yang happy tak menyakitkan hati orang..hahaa..pergi travel langkawi la..hehe

Sunshine Kelly said...

I think both Langkawi & Bario also good place to go for vacation. I am also in the midst of planning my year end holiday.

iuzira said...

Bestnya kalau dapat travel, boleh tengok tempat cantik2 dan tenangkan fikiran