RANDOM : More Stories Coming Up


Hi folks, how's your day ? well, I hope it's good. You know what, I promised myself not to press "backspace" on this post, so, I really am sorry about randomness happened in the beginning. I'm really looking forward to my holiday. Tasks are coming like everyday, and time's getting shorter when it comes to free time. Well, I wish that I'd be able to blog more on weekend but weekend for me is 'zzz' or  'jalan-jalan cari makan'. I got so many photos and stories coming up. Hmm..anyway, I planned to write something 'wise' but I forgot.

Ok I remember ! (this is 5 minutes after I write the last sentence) when you're in difficult condition, I believe you'll learn a lot. For example, I learnt how to manage time, well, at least, I tried to learn how to manage time, and how to tolerate people, how to forgive, how to be patient, how to keep loving your best friends, how to be a nice best friend, and so on. I believe that God has something planned for me. Well, I know God gives what I need. And I hope for the best for everyone. I'll write more on weekend, ok ? 
Before I press [full stop], I actually got so many photos and stories and  will update it soon. One photo of mine today.

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Sally Samsaiman said…
This is so random! Hahahaha..sometimes I had this kind of situation where I need to write but I don't have the idea towards the writing itself.
Nadia Johari said…
I selalu tulis pasal anak kalau takde idea..hehee..yeahh alwys happy ya precious cle..no moody2
Mimie said…
Kalau ketandusan idea memang kita akan update entry secara random kan.sometimes kita akan blur dan tak tahu nak update apa