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Are there some places you'd just love to visit? how long have you dreamed of doing so? years perhaps?

When you see movies about visiting certain cities, or hear about people traveling there, does a certain part of your psyche salivate with desire? Do you have the thought, I really want to go there someday.
Alistrati Cave, Greece
Well guys, I'm going to tell you about this story - I travelled alone for the first time in 2019, I visited Europe for the first time in 2019, just before the Covid19 hits the world. Everybody says it's not safe to travel alone (that's for sure and even worst if you're a woman I guess). Actually, it is safe to travel solo as long as you are aware.

Do you realize that it's absolutely possible to turn your travel dreams into reality? Those dreams aren't mere fantasy. They're the seeds of real experiences.
Alistrati Cave, Greece
I went to Greece and thinking of going back again on March or probably in June for Athens exploration. 

From Serres town to Alistrati Cave, January 2021
Alistrati Cave, Greece
If you happen to be nearby Alistrati do not miss the opportunity to visit the Alistrati Cave! it's a beautiful cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites in an incredible number of forms and colors, something that you will not see anywhere in Europe. At the entrance we had to walk in a long tunnel which was very scary (gosh, it was my first time entered a cave with a door]. When the last door was opened, we couldn't breathe for what it shown in front of our eyes. 
Alistrati Cave, Greece
The guide didn't forget to explain each and every corner of the cave. As she said this is one of the longest in Europe. Total of 1,100 meters long. The only downfall was that we were not allowed to take any pictures, not even without a flash.
Alistrati Cave, Greece
Besides the cave, you can freely visit on foot the nearby canyon for some breathtaking photos! 

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