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Fly and Win - CNY Traveloka Challenge
No money ? Traveloka know it ! that's why Traveloka run a contest, namely CNY 2018 Contest. The terms and conditions are so clear, easy to follow - simple like an ABC. My explanations are just wasting your time, you'd better click CNY 2018 Contest, read the rules and start playing the games. Who knows you can score higher mark and win the grand prize. 

What are the prizes ?

Grand Prize : Seoul, Korea. Yes, it is 6 days 5 night free trips to Seoul, Korea and of course the tickets are returned. 
2nd : 5D4N Phuket ~ Flight and accommodations
3rd : Langkawi for 4 days 3 nights ~ Flight and accommodations
and, RM1000 Traveloka voucher for the consolation prize.

Hurry ! because the contests will be running until 28th February only.

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Sally Samsaiman said…
I have only 50 point until this moment..hahaha
Wawa Ashihara said…
Wow..Seoul tuu .. Bestnyalah..
Tapi wawa xleh g jauh2.. Sebab husband tak kasik..hehe..kena telan je la dlu angan2..hihi
Tengkubutang said…
kalau lah dapat menang pi korea tu kan best.. mesti rasa nak melompat happy.. korea kottt nak pulak 6 days 5 nights..
precious cla said…
Hi Sally, 50 points tu pun dah kira okay daaa... ;)
precious cla said…
Kan... ramai sangat peminat Korea di Malaysia hehe