Explore Sabah, the Land Below The Wind !
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Majestic Mount Kinabalu

This iconic mountain has become synonymous with Sabah. Towering at a height of 4,095m, not only is Mount Kinabalu the highest summit in Malaysia, it also offers a truly breathtaking view of the sky and surroundings.

There has been renewed excitement about scaling the summit recently, with newly designed trails. For scenic encounters, the Ranau trail will satiate your appreciation for natural aesthetics. The more adventurous might want to go on the Kota Belud trail which is steeper and will provide a more challenging climb.

Thrill-seekers can also check out the other climbing route available on the mountain. The Via Ferrata, or Iron Road, has been improved with the latest safety climbing technologies. The Via Ferrata has bragging rights as the world’s highest route.

Islands and beaches

Sabah is blessed with a beautiful coastline that stretches over 2,600km long. So visiting the many enticing beaches and islands is certainly not to be missed.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park – the first national park in Malaysia and a mere 15-minute boat ride from Kota Kinabalu – is home to five islands: Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. The crystal clear waters contain a rich and colourful marine life. A visit to this watery park is a priceless experience.

The islands off Sabah’s East Coast are aplenty too, and have garnered a cult following among scuba divers around the world. They include the islands of Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai.

The beaches located around Kudat (three hours’ drive north from Kota Kinabalu), such as Kalampunian and Kelambu, and around The Tip Of Borneo are also gaining popularity.

Local markets

The shopping scene in Sabah is just as unique as its natural splendour. Immerse yourself in a local market known as tamu. (Tamu is the native word for market.) The most popular one is the Gaya Street Sunday market that sells all kinds of items, including local crafts, food, plants, produce and artwork.

There are weekly tamu in Kiulu (Tuesday); Tamparuli (Wednesday); Penampang (Thursday and Friday); Keningau, Telipok and Tambunan (Thursday); Kundasang (Friday); Putatan, Beaufort, Kinarut, Sindumin and Tuaran (Saturday); Kota Belud, Tawau, Sandakan and Tenom (Sunday).

Does your inner shopaholic call out once the sun sets? Well, Kota Kinabalu’s night market scene is vibrant. The most popular one is the Sinsuran night market, which is popular among foodies. Meanwhile, other night markets such as those in Segama and Kampung Air sell items like trinkets, pearls and accessories.

Head to the handicraft market to get the best pearls and jewellery, as well as dried food such as salted fish, anchovies and prawns.

Oh, so fresh seafood … and specialty dishes

In Sabah, the tantalising seafood is freshly caught from the vast ocean. Paying a fraction of the usual price is an added bonus.

Seafood restaurants are really popular here. One can have lobster noodle for breakfast in Sandakan. Otherwise fish noodle is the normal food item that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Apart from seafood, there are many specialty dishes such as bambangan (a type of wild mango), pinasakan (a traditional dish of braised basung fish and fruit) and ambuyat (made from sago starch) found in both the west and the east coasts.

Stunning sunsets

In addition to Mount Kinabalu and the beautiful islands/beaches, another talking point is the sunset. The clear horizon here will take your breath away. Coupled with beautiful views of the setting sun, what you have is an absolutely romantic scenery.

At popular hangout spots, like the beaches, you’ll find people whipping out their cameras as the day draws to an end. There are many areas in Kota Kinabalu where one can witness golden sunsets, such as Tanjung Aru beach and the Waterfront.

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nurul aqidah azahar berkata…
Borneo meman cantik dengan pemandangannya. dah masuk dalam list untuk holiday nanti. nice sharing..boleh la add tempat nak kunjungi di sana nanti
Eiza GreenAppleKu berkata…
Tak pernah sampai Borneo lagi. Tapi tempat dia memang cantik. Seronok tengok kawan-kawan yang dah sampai share keindahan alam semulajadi kat sana.
Rawlins GLAM berkata…
As a Borneon myself, Sabah is a state that I will always love to visit for its beaches, sea and food!
If you've been to Bohey Dulang, you'll definitely come back as the view will never tire you out.
xulhlmi berkata…
teringat zul masa pergi Borneo kecik2 dulu, habis satu Borneo zul jelajah and merasai pengalaman menarik disana. Banyak budaya yang kita tak pernah jumpa di semenanjung
SalinaJohari berkata…
Banyak sungguh tempat-tempat menarik di sana. Sal pun tak habis jejak lagi dan memang ada impian pun nak bawak anak-anak ke sana
SalinaJohari berkata…
Belum berksempatan lagi nak jelajah area sana . Hajat di hati memang nak bawak anak-anak ke sana sebab banyak tempat-tempat menarik . Tq sharing atleast boleh jadikan panduan
Bella Jamal berkata…
Belum sampai Sabah dan Sarawak. Teringin ke sana sebab banyak tempat menarik. Sudah tentunya kalau ke sana kena melawat tempat ikonik Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu. Tapi rasa mcm tak mampu nak daki sahaja.
ajumohit berkata…
hari tu dapat pergi pulau perhentian pun memang cantik view dia, pasni boleh datang pulau kat sabah pula bah, yang pasti tempat bercuti yang sangat indah. cantik mata memandang
Huda Halid berkata…
So much thing to see, so much things to do at Sabah. One of my bucketlist. May my wish will be granted soon
Mat Drat berkata…
So many place to visit in Sabah. I dah visit KK, Kundasang, Lamar Date, Kunak, Kudat n Kuala Penny. Really enjoy my trip to Sabah
Mus berkata…
I love Sabah! 10 tahun tinggal di Sabah.. memang pengalaman yang menyeronokkan!
sis gee berkata…
Sabah antara wishlist travel yang masih belum capai!moga ada rezeki tahun depan!haha
Nina Mirz berkata…
Family kita belum sampai sana lagi lah but kita selalu dengar yang Sabah Borneo ni banyak tempat-tempat yang menarik yang dijdikan tempat kunjungan para pelancong. Kita savebookmark, nanti nak pegi refer sini. Thanks
AyuArjuna BiGoshh berkata…
sabah kita pernah sampai hanyalah kundasang shj..tempat lain belum berkesempatan lagi..agak menarik kalau dapat bercuti di sini...
Mahamahu berkata…
Sabah Borneo ni kalau sebut jer kita mesti ingat akan KK sahaja tapi sebenarnya banyak tempat menarik dan juga cantik. Kita sendiri terpesona tengoknya... Tak banyak tempat pernah pergi kita pernah sampai KK, Tawau dan Sandakan jer...
Marina Bashah berkata…
Tak pernah lagi sampai ke sabah lagi. Thank you share tempat-tempat di Sabah. Ada rezeki boleh terjah tempat-tempat ni