A Morning Miracle

Early in the morning, at 5:25 am on November 9th, 2023, something extraordinary happened that left me in awe. My phone, which was securely locked, suddenly lit up and displayed the passage from Romans 8 in the Bible. It was an unexpected and unexplained event that sparked a sense of wonder and led me to question whether it was a true miracle.

A Morning Miracle

When our phones wake us up in the morning, it's usually due to an alarm or notification. But on that particular day, it was different. My phone, without any external stimuli, unlocked itself and revealed the text from Romans 8. It seemed as if someone or something wanted to send me a powerful message.

The passage from Romans 8 is filled with profound teachings about faith, hope, and the power of divine love. It speaks of the indwelling Spirit of God, guiding and reminding us of our true identity as children of God. The timing and content of the scripture were particularly meaningful, as it touched upon forgiveness, grace, and the transformative nature of divine intervention. It filled my heart with a sense of encouragement and peace.

While some may argue that there could be logical explanations for my phone's behavior, I couldn't help but perceive it as a miraculous intervention. It was a moment that reminded me of the mysterious ways in which the divine can manifest in our lives. Whether it was a divine sign, a technological anomaly, or both, it rekindled my faith and reminded me of the presence of something greater than ourselves.

In a world where everything seems to be explained by reason and science, encounters with the unexplained awaken us to the beauty of mystery and the vastness of the unknown. It's in these moments that we are invited to embrace curiosity, wonder, and humility. Sometimes, it's not about finding concrete answers but rather opening our hearts to the extraordinary possibilities that exist beyond our comprehension.

The occurrence of my phone unlocking itself and displaying the scripture from Romans 8 was an inexplicable event that left a lasting impression on my heart and soul. Whether it was a miracle or simply an unexplained phenomenon, it served as a reminder of the divine presence in our lives and the miraculous nature of the world we inhabit. May we remain open to the wonders that surround us, and may they continuously ignite our faith, curiosity, and gratitude.

On that Sunday, as my pastor preached about God's will over ours, focusing on the importance of faith and love, I couldn't help but wonder if my fellow churchgoers had received the same message as me. Throughout the week, I noticed that the discussions and teachings continued to revolve around faith and its significance in our lives.

Morning Miracle

I humbly share my story through my blog, for we never know who may need the comforting message of this passage as well. May God's blessings be upon you.

For the first time in my life, I completely forgave someone after many years. 

November 10th, 2023, was the day I finally found peace in my heart and let go of the resentment I had been holding onto for so long. I used to despise him to the extent that his mere presence would fill me with hatred. He confessed his love for me, despite being a husband and a father, which only deepened my animosity towards him. For years, I struggled to forgive him, but it was an arduous task until that night when I felt touched by God and found the strength to forgive him completely and let go of all the negativity. I deserved to feel liberated in my heart, and I prayed to God to grant him full forgiveness as well. And I believe that God has forgiven him too.

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