I was super excited to finally get my Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced from Cosmoderm. Yay  !

Cosmoderm skin lab

I started using ''COSMODERM Skin.Lab Perfect Balance'' not even a week ago and can already tell a difference! I honestly could tell a difference within a couple of days. It doesn’t take much of any of the products so do not be generous. Very easy regiment to follow (foaming cleanser, toning lotion, soothing WOW cream and Sun Milk SPF25PA+) and very effective so far. I have read nothing but great things about these products. I have a feeling I will be sticking with these products for a very long time.

Cosmoderm Skin Lab - it's your one stop to get a healthier and beautiful skin. The goal of Cosmoderm Skin Lab is to help its users achieve healthy and beautiful looking skin at a reasonable price-point. This skin lab also means that someone else has done all the guesswork for you, and Oh La La all you have to do is open the skin lab and follow the direction. It couldn't be simpler.

Cosmoderm Skin lab are aimed at a wide variety of users, whether they are male or female. Cosmoderm Skin Lab is a perfect balanced between Prebiotic and Calamine.

What is Prebiotic ?

A food to Prebiotic (good bacteria) in our skin and body. It helps to balance skin's and improves in radiance and comfort of skin due to restructuring, nourishing and soothing effect.

What is Calamine ? 

A well-known ingredient for its benefit such as treating eczema and psoriasis  by easing skin irritation, itchiness. It reduce skin oiliness, soothes redness and sunburn.

FOLLOW THE STEPS - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

You’ve spent hours and hundreds of dollars buying the best beauty products for your skin type, but if you’re applying them in the wrong order, you could be doing more harm than good. Here's a closer look at the products, presented in the order they should be used. 


A gentle sulfate-free cleanser that deep pore cleanses and purifier skin while soothes  redness and enhances skin absorption of other nourishing ingredients. How to use ? easy, just apply onto damp skin and rinse thoroughly.

Cosmoderm skin lab

Prebiotic - helps to balance skin's microbiome thus hydrates and improves skin's surface protection, ensuring the skin's barrier is kept intact and healthy.

Calamine - Reduces skin oiliness and soothes redness.


After cleansing, pour toning lotion onto palm, pat gently onto face. Oh yeah, please shake before you use it ya !

Cosmoderm skin lab

A soothing treatment toning lotion formulated with 20,000ppm calamine and prebiotic to calm and sooth redness whilst awakens skin absorption ability, hence increase skin's moisture.

Prebiotic - Boost skin natural defence by maintaining healthy balance skin's microbiome.

Calamine - Helps to soothes and calm against reddish skin.


Apply evenly all over the face and skin. Suitable for day and night. Wanna beautiful ? so, please use accordingly babe.

Cosmoderm skin lab

The lightweight cream  is formulated with concentrated calamine and 30,000ppm prebiotic that soothes and calm skin while improving its barrier. With triple moisture boost complex, it helps to restore skin's moistures well as lightens blemishes on skin surfaces.

[4] PERFECT BALANCES SUN MILK SPF25PA++ |Prebiotic + Calamine

Babe, please take an adequate amount at the last step of your day skincare routine and apply all across the face. Your skin will 'thank you' later. ^_^

Cosmoderm skin lab

This daily Sun Milk with SPF25PA++ protects skin  against UVA and UVB. It improves skin's surface protection against environment stress. Also helps for sunburn relief and dry skin.

When deciding if a brand is right for you, keep in mind that one person’s miracle product may do nothing for you, or may cause a breakout. Everyone’s skin is different, so a little trial and error along the way along with research is always a good idea.

Cosmoderm skin lab

Peeps, Cosmoderm wants to help its customers achieve their best looking skin, rather than covering it up with makeup. Oh guys, Valentine's day is coming soon know-lah what to do !  Nice packaging, pink colour -- awww just perfect for a Valentine's gift.


Cosmoderm products are available on the company’s website as well as through Watson Online. 

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Lps ni lbih mulus wajah yg memakainya hihi..termasuk sha sndiri haha...btw bole tlg add/edit link blog sha dr ke tq cla..
Bae Roslan berkata…
suka sangat packaging cosmoderm ni. dah order can't wait to receive mine
Bella Jamal berkata…
Lawa jugak packaging dia. I acknowledge ada produk yg pakai prebiotik which is good bacteria digunakan utk kesihatan muka. Lps ni boleh Bella try Cosmoderm pula.
This particular range is not made for my skin type but i can vouch for Cosmoderm other products. Currently using the Vitamin E range.
Aerill Hassan berkata…
wah nampak menarik produk baru cosmoderm ni. memang berkualiti sebab jenamanya memang dah dikenali ramai kan? terbaiklah.
Rawlins GLAM berkata…
I might be needing these too. At my age, my skin need all the help and it seems fhat all these can help me! Gonna get all these!
Sis Lin berkata…
Cantik betul pakaging dia pink.. makin bertambah produk baru Cosmoderm ni kan.. tapi set yang ni buat Sis tertarik.. nanti nak survey laa..
Zaza Azman berkata…
Bagusnya skincare range baru dari cosmoderm ni.. Suka betul tgk packaging dia.. Soft pink mcmtu.. Nnt nk cuba sunscreen dia lah
Viola Ng berkata…
wow! I am already attracted to the pink packaging. What's more, i can tell the difference from your pictures. The steps are easy and your review is clear cut. Would love to try this out once i got my skin allergies issues sorted out.
Kitkat Nelfei berkata…
So cantik la the packaging of this Cosmoderm skincare set.. dengan pasaran also jual in this packaging kah? boleh jadikan ni pilihan hadiah for my girl friends la..
Nina Mirza berkata…
Terjebak nak cuba sebab cosmoderm jenama yang diyakini. Kita suka pakai TTO hijau tu. Best giler pakai. Serasi ngan skin kita
Ruby berkata…
Comel semuanya! Packaging pink. Macam doll house. Pastu botol semua pink gitu. Sesuai utk akak yang suka pink. Nanti nak cari Cosmoderm yang baru ni. Tq share!
iena eliena berkata…
Cantiknya packaging produk cosmoderm yang baru ni. Suka warna yang dia guna.warna pink sesuai sangat. Sebelum ni iena pernah pakai produk cosmoderm memang okay produk dia
Rolling Grace berkata…
wow byknya peminat Cosmoderm. i am really attracted to how pretty the pink packaging is, and all the gentle ingredients uesd in this product!
Ana Suhana berkata…
Love this new color of Cosmoderm. Very the ladies. Ive tried this series too and love it so much. Its suit with my skin very well.
Aiman berkata…
nice packaging, nice box. Perempuan mesti suka ni kan barangan penjagaan kulit. Mantap la

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AyuArjuna BiGoshh berkata…
Dah cuba produk ni dan memang best. Lepas guna rasa muka lebih bersih dan anjal
halimah muhiden berkata…
I pun dah guna produk cosoder ni sgt bagus utk kulit l yg kering bila dah guna kulit rasa lembab
Bumbu Agency berkata…
Betul ke best? sbb ramai yg review product ni.. Berapa total price utk satu set tu?