Discover Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you're connected with me on social platforms, you already know that I went to Vietnam last month. From flight ticket, hotel reservation to cruise tours, my sister had meticulously planned my/our itinerary. The hotel car met us at the airport with a ply card of my sister's name - something which I love, no matter how many times it happens.
Discover Halong Bay, Vietnam
As soon as I got out of the airport, I knew that Vietnam is such a beautiful place to explore. It was calm and serene, and the landscape  from the moving car was already making me want to turn into a photographer.

Alright, I'm writing this post from my own personal experience regarding my trip to  Halong Bay, Vietnam with Wego Halong last month. 

Halong Bay is popular with tourists for a reason. It's gorgeous and everyone wants to see it ! we had a fantastic time, and I couldn't even imagine how amazing the trip would have been with warmer weather allowing us to comfortably  kayaking/bamboo boat in the bay's teal waters. The natural beauty of Halong Bay is undeniable. And quite honestly, you would be missing out if you traveled to Vietnam without a visit to the Bay. 
It was raining that morning. I couldn't help but worry about the possibility of rain ruining our day trip to Halong Bay. Luckily, in a few hours the sun came out and burned most of the haze away. Thanks God! 

Itinerary to Halong Bay, Vietnam 

7.00- 9.15am - The bus and tour guide pick you up from hotel /stay and follow the new highway to depart from Tuan Chau Island, Halong City, stop over for a rest on the way

12.30 - Arrive Tuan Chau Harbor, welcome aboard and safety briefing - Wego Halong will take you on an 5 hour journey via 2 day-sleeper boat cruise route which renowned for its striking, passages uninhabited islets and outcrops have been imaginative names by the locals, due to their perceived shapes, including Cock Fighting and Thumb, while enjoy Vietnamese mouth-watering lunch on boat.

13.45 - Arrive Bo Hon archipelego, you will visit Surprising Cave to see a lot of stalagmites and stalactite with different shapes of sea lives, go kayaking or bamboo boat in Luon Cave to discover the beautiful lagoon.

- Visit Titov Island with sandy beach adjacent to the towering limestone mountain with excellent backdrop of the Bay, and climb up Titov Peak for a panoramic view of the bay.

16.30 - Return Wego Cruises for afternoon tea and cruising back toward Tuan Chau Harbor. There are a lot of time for sunbathing on upper deck, enjoy great time fun of group touring fellows among world iconic natural scenery.

18:00 - Disembark for a bus ride back on the new highway to Hanoi
21:00 - Drop off at you hotel/ stay, trip ends

For your information, Halong Bay was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, and in 2012 it was given a spot on the New7Wonders of Nature list

Discover Halong Bay, Vietnam Discover Halong Bay, Vietnam
This picture was taken in Sung Sot Cave, one of the famous site in Halong Bay. A huge cavity, the cave is around 10,000 square meters large and contains three rooms or partitions, which are linked by a smooth walkway. Each of the rooms contains hundreds of stalagmites and stalactites. Most of the cave is colorfully lit with artificial light that highlights the rocky walls' interesting features, and a knowledgeable guide can give you some great insights into the cave's history as well as helping you find the mystical shapes and figures in the cave's walls.

So, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a ''must visit'' place for all avid travellers. The over 1900 islets gives one a feeling of being on another planet.

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Lily Shah berkata…
ive always wanted to explore this side of vietnam.. i've been to the city but not this part yet... gonna save this and keep it for future use!
miedaJaz berkata…
thanks for sharing your itinerary, i have been to ho chi minh 2 times and hoping to go to Halong bay too.
Mimie berkata…
Bestnya jalan jalan di Vietnam. Banyak jugak tempat menarik yang ada di Vietnam.Thanks for sharing itinerary. Boleh jadi reference nanti
precious cla berkata…
Kebanyakan backpacker/traveller guna itinerary ni :)
ajumohit berkata…
seronoknya tengok view kat vietnam, belum pernah sampai sini lagi. tapi one day, hopefully dapat sampai sini juga
AyuArjuna BiGoshh berkata…
Normally ppl
Will shared only about food and shopping places at vietnam. But your sharing is more on the beautiful places (nature) that we should appreciate more 🥰
Emme Marina berkata…
bestnya berjalan dan explore. kita juga suka explore tempat2 menarik. makanan boleh dicari tetapi tempat2 ini lebih menarik.
Nadia Johari berkata…
woww..dalam gua tu nmapak seram pulak..hehee..tapi mesti terpegun tengok pemandangan dekat situ..nice la..
Hanny Abdullh berkata…
Sis dah ke Vietnam tapi tak ke sini pulak. Nanti kalau ada trip bolehlah ke sini
Jia Shin Lee berkata…
I've been to Vietnam but due to time constraints I wasn't able to visit Ha Long Bay, can't wait to visit again looks like a nice place
Tengkubutang berkata…
Syoknya dapat keluar negara, pergi Vietnam pulak tu.. seronok tengok culture kat sana kan.. suasanan pun cantik.. tenang je mata memandang..
Zharif Azis berkata…
i have been wanting to visit vietnam since i was little kids. now i want to visit it even more when people keep on sharing all the beautiful places and wonderful things about vietnam. looking forward to visit vietnam one fine day
nikkhazami berkata…
i really wanted to go to halong bay. its really pretty huh? ive seen the place so many times in hollywood movies
Syamimi Saad berkata…
Ramai orang suka pergi bercuti di vietnam kan.
Tapi kena pastikan segala perjalanan berjalan dengan lancar.
Bagus ada perkongsian mcm ni.
Untuk rujukan kawan kawan yang lain.
Sunshine Kelly berkata…
Oh yess, i was in halong bay many many years ago when they were not announced as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place memang spectacular.