I'm probably wasting precious time with this introduction right now.
At the moment, it's a hot sunny February day. 15:36 p.m. I'll grab tea in an hour (or) a short nap. 
Over the past few weeks, I've done a lot of copywriting, more than 40 ! And last week just completed another course - Business Development under HRD Corp. 
Ok, enough about the introduction. LOL
Check this out, Partipost !
I received payment  💓

Partipost is a crowd marketing platform that connects brands with everyday people and influencers. It helps brands to make seamless influencer marketing campaigns and enjoy more success stories than others. 
Partipost enables people and influencers to earn money when they participate in a brand’s campaign. Influencers need to submit unique content and post it on their social media accounts. Easy-peasy ! Everyone can join the platform for free and with no exclusive contracts. However, you must take note that most campaigns require that you have at least 200 followers and above to earn. 
Partipost ensures that every piece of content should get approval before it gets published to make sure that influencers have met the brand’s expectations, guidelines, and requirements.
Join now and start earning ! register here for free : PARTIPOST

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amirnawawi said…
Wah. I pun dah join partipost ni. Banyak juga job kt sini kan. Sesiaap yang belum join kena join segera
Airis said…
Yes ! One of the trusted platform for influencers in Malaysia. I've done some campaigns also with Partipost.
Wawa Ashihara said…
Pernah join dulu.. Tp skrg xsempat nk join..not bad la leh tambah pendapatan juga kan.. Banyak campaign kat sini disediakan
Bae Roslan said…
partipost ni one of the platform untuk para bloggers la. saya pun ada join jugak hehe
Bae Roslan said…
partipost ni one of the best platform untuk para bloggers. saya pun join jugak
Sis Lin said…
Waaa baguslah, nak try gak laaa.. mana tau ada rezeki job kat situ kann.. thanks tau sharing...
Mahamahu said…
Kita dah daftar partipos ni and dah start buat task mereka ada bayaran yang berpatutan and bagus tuk dpt site income lah hehehe.
i mmg join partioost.. sebab banyak benefit dan i suka job yang ditawarkan juga