Bowling VS Bakteria (Juga Cinta :p )

Hello again. Wow ! what a good day, post a new post again  (*see? I told you before ..laziness never swims in my blood :p )

Ok kawan-kawan yang kurang menyayangi saya, just enjoy my post lah ! okay…it’s about kuman/bakteria dan bowling (bacteria and  bowling)…

When you go bowling and take back your rental shoes, the people working the counter dutifully give each shoe a shot of disinfectant, but never the balls. I’m telling you the truth, my cousin wore a shoe from the rental shoes and a few days later her feet  started to gatal-gatal . (when you feel gatal, you will garu-garu isn’t? ) So day after day the itchy never stop, until then she realized yang dia terkena jangkitan penyakit dari kasut yang dia pakai…haiz !! rupa-rupanya dia terkena kurap kesan dari kasut yang dia pinjam..ouch!! lucky it’s not me. Lol ! 

Honestly, have you ever wondered what was on the fingers of the millions who used the ball you took off the rack and placed on the ball holder of your lane? I know I have.

Here's another fun tidbit - Next time you go bowling, watch how many people eat and bowl. I've got to admit, it's kind of fun slamming french fries and killing pins. It's just that knowing your fries could be seasoned by the contents that came loose from under truck driver's fingernails and found its way to your hand and eventually to your mouth via the bowling ball that makes the situation a little creepy for me.

If you are what you eat, then maybe eating at the bowling alley isn't such a great idea.

But then again, there are a lot of places to complete the transfer of someone else's dirt to your own digestive system. It's also true that most germs don't hurt you. And in some cases, they actually make you stronger; more resilient.

So, should you stop bowling altogether? Nope. Just take along a pair of rubber gloves.

Bowling ? why not, I met someone ‘noty’  when I was bowling….haha

Bowling VS Bakteria (Juga Cinta :p ) Bowling VS Bakteria (Juga Cinta :p ) Reviewed by precious cla on 16.7.13 Rating: 5

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