15 April 2019

Travel : How To Spend 8 Hours In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ?

April 15, 2019 21 Comments

You could think eight hours is too short to explore a city, and knowing that you've got a flight to catch at the end of the day would be stressful. But don't worry, the city is small enough to explore by foot, grab is super efficient, or maybe a private driver and Kota Kinabalu is a city easy to fell in love with.
 So, where to go and what to explore ... here the lists !

Island Hoping ( Sapi Island/ Manukan Island/ Mamutik Island)

The island is opened till 4pm (and also depends on the weather).  You can take a lots of photos and for fun activities like parasailing, banana boat rides, snorkeling, diving and seawalking. The prices are not too expensive for activities, they're relatively affordable. Definitely recommend this island when you come to Kota Kinabalu. However, be aware with some operators overcharging. Always ask the price and try to negotiate politely. And lockers are also available at RM10. For travelers with bags, (backpackers bag with 35 litres and above) will not fit. They have basic toilets and changing room available, as well as a restaurant.
Kokol Hill

It less than 45 minutes from the city but, it is like being transported to almost another world. A few small villages line the road towards the peak and gives one an insight into how people have lived uncomplicated lives for more than half century, enjoying clean, unpolluted air at lower temperatures, and not affected by sounds of traffic. Nature lovers would love it as there are a series of waterfalls for those who prefer to hike down the hills and cathedral, perched on the peak midpoint.
It's actually a very nice place for family or couples to just sit back, relax and enjoy the environment with a cup of coffee or tea.

Signal Hill Observatory Tower
The skyline is amazing from this viewpoint. You can clearly see the divide between Old City and New City.  
There's a place to buy snacks/drinks, but mostly people really come here for the killer view. Best for people who appreciate these things, some peace and quiet or a quick rest on one of the benches, take a few pictures. Afternoon to sunset/ evening would be the best time to go. 
You can opt to drive here or take a trail from the nearby Atkinson clock tower.  

Floating Mosque 
Make sure you won't confuse when you wish to visit the mosque, for many people mistaken went to the old state mosque ! This is the new mosque situated at Jalan Pasir, Teluk Likas. Also called as the blue mosque by locals, grand and beautiful above the lagoon.

Shopping and Street Market

You shall be amazed to know that Kota Kinabalu is developing very well, as it is successful in providing one of the best shopping experience despite the fact of its modest size. Over the years, the number of malls has increased and some are still under construction. Suria Sabah shopping mall, Imago, Wisma Merdeka, Centre Point, Oceanus etc. Though it has yet not been able to compare with the shopping experience in Kuala Lumpur in terms of quality, but yet there are many bargain options and surprises at the shops in Kota Kinabalu that are good enough to provide the best shopping experience.
For some local stuff at very reasonable prices, one should head towards the various shopping places and street markets of Kota Kinabalu (KK). The experiences of shopping in KK either at malls or at street markets is up to the mark. Every Sunday, Gaya Street Market is set up right in the center of the city. You shall find so many things like the special Sabah's sweets and savories, smoothies and juices, toys, coffee, souvenirs and many more ! Also, there is a Night Market, which is basically the popular food court of South East Asia. Beside that, you also can go to the Segama Night Market. 

Hope this short guide/ideas of where to go and what to do is good enough to assist you in planning your 8 hours in Kota Kinabalu. If you want to share any destinations/activities or experience, please do so by adding comments below.

9 April 2019

Event : Sunday School Camp - Session I, 2019

April 09, 2019 0 Comments
www.cla-travel.asia ~ Sunday School Camp, 2019

Akhirnya Khemah Sekolah Minggu sesi pertama 2019 telah terlaksana dan berlangsung dengan jayanya. Kem kali ini melibatkan kanak-kanak berumur 3 tahun ke atas hingga remaja 18 tahun ke bawah. Masa yang digunakan adalah terhad dengan hanya menggunakan hujung minggu, Sabtu satu hari penuh dan Ahad petang aktiviti pun selesai.
Sunday School Camp
Kelas terbahagi kepada tiga bahagian iaitu ; kanak-kanak berusia 6 tahun ke bawah, kanak-kanak 7 hingga 11 tahun dan remaja 12 tahun hingga 18 tahun. Lokasi adalah di Kionsom Baptist Retreat Centre, sebuah lokasi lagenda yang berlimpah dengan memori suka-duka kehidupan. Tema adalah : Kasihilih Tuhan Allahmu.
Sunday School Camp
Baptist House, KBRC
Seperti biasa, kanak-kanak di peringkat usia ini merupakan golongan individu yang aktif, lasak dan sensitif. Sebagai seorang fasilitator atau pembantu kanak-kanak, menjaga mereka secara berkumpulan tidaklah mudah. Apatah lagi, ciri-ciri mereka berbeza diantara satu dengan yang lain. Saya sebenarnya lebih suka berada di kelas 7 tahun ke atas tetapi, menjaga kanak-kanak 6 tahun ke bawah bukanlah merupakan hal yang terlalu rumit. Mereka hanya perlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang.
Sunday School Camp
Program adalah menyanyi, belajar, sukan, bakat, mandi sungai dan diantara aktiviti-aktiviti tersebut diselitkan ruangan tea-time dan makan, makan, makan. Tidak hairanlah jika, sekembalinya dari kem ini guru-gurunya menjadi semakin gendut (haha). Terima kasih kepada AJK dapur dan masakan kerana sudah bersusah-payah menyumbangkan waktu dan tenaga menyediakan makanan untuk semua peserta.
Sunday School Camp
Peristiwa indah apabila malam menjelma dan adegan memilih pasangan untuk tidur siapa dengan siapa. Meski bilik setiap peserta sudah ditentukan tetapi, memilih untuk tidur dengan siapa setelah bilik ditentukan adalah atas pilihan sendiri; yang pasti bilik lelaki dan perempuan adalah berasingan kecuali, kanak-kanak dibawah umur 6 tahun masih boleh bersama kakak atau their aunts. Oleh kerana tulisan ini bertujuan untuk mencoretkan kenangan, maka, saya lampirkan nama peserta yang tidur disamping saya waktu itu ; Saya - Acher Boy - Achell- Rara- Deveny. Ketika saya membuka mata di malam yang pekat, tiba-tiba dua anak sudah berada di hujung kaki dengan posisi melintang.
Sunday School Camp
Peneman Tidur Achell

Permainan Lagenda

Duck, duck, goose . Pertama kali saya mengenal dan bermain ''duck,duck,goose'' adalah semasa saya masih bersekolah dan bertempat di KBRC tempat di mana Sunday School Camp diadakan. Saya menjadi pembantu kepada seorang American guy waktu itu dan kanak-kanak yang kami jaga adalah kanak-kanak dibawah usia 7 tahun. Sekarang kanak-kanak itu sudah berada di alam universiti dan salah satu dari jagaan kami waktu itu sudah menjadi young father ketika ini. Waktu berlalu dengan pantas dan selang waktu antara lalu dan kini, banyak hal yang kita perhati dan nikmati, tidak hanya merayakan perkahwinan dan kelahiran tetapi juga, memperhatikan kematian orang-orang yang kita kenali satu-persatu.
Sunday School Camp
Duck, duck, goose
Tema Sunday School Camp - Kasihilah Tuhan Allahmu
Sunday School Camp
Sunday School Camp
Tema untuk sesi pertama kem Sekolah Minggu kali ini adalah Kasihilah Tuhan Allahmu, dengan segenap hatimu dan dengan segenap jiwamu dan dengan segenap kekuatanmu dan dengan segenap akal budimu.

Jumpa lagi !

4 April 2019

Random : Some people change

April 04, 2019 21 Comments
www.cla-travel.asia ~ Some People Change

Some of my friends are different from what they used to. Not physically, but more about their personality. In a good way of course and some in a bad way ! Some of them turn into "easy-to-get-friends" person or easy to hang out every Friday or Saturday night. Some are more talkative than before. Some....well remains the same. Some become more famous on cyber world, Facebook and Instagram to be exact. Some become more arrogant and act like 'hmm'. 

But, you my dearly friends are still lovely and amazing (see : pictures ) lol
Some people change
Some people change
As for me, I don't change that much. I'm still the old me who prefer reading traveling or writing; who loves to chill on couch and watch TV all day than walking around the neighborhood; who enjoy writing blog and call it my own diary (I can't keep a diary in my room, I prefer typing than writing with my own hand. Also, my friends would easily find it and read it. 
Some people changeSome people change
See, I'm still the same me. Haven't change a bit. Well except with my hair, height, and weight. Others is still 80%  same. (lol)

3 April 2019

We Are Made of Memories

April 03, 2019 0 Comments
www.cla-travel.asia ~ we are made of memories

Maybe it’s true, that our past doesn’t define us. But inevitably, our past will always be a part of our present; and our future. It’s something that will always stay within us, for the better or worse. And this is definitely alright–as long as we have no regret.

We have made mistakes, or done things we are not proud of. We have been hurt badly. We failed many times. We thought we could not move on–that it was impossible to feel alright ever again. However, surprisingly, we always see ourselves eventually moving on, just because. For some it takes months, for some it takes years. Maybe we will be able to move on when we have stopped fighting the past and decided to make peace with it instead. Knowing that it’s alright to forgive without forgetting–as long as we can choose wisely the things we’d want to remember. We choose to remember the lessons instead of carrying around the pain. We choose to remember the feeling of recovering instead of the feeling of despair.
In the end, we are made of memories. Good ones, bad ones, uplifting ones, embarrassing ones. And all our lives, we have also left pieces of memories inside those we’ve crossed path with–some of them might have long gone and forgotten, some will always feel close to our hearts. We will never be sure about how things will turn out, about whether we’re going to make a courageous bold move instead of another stupid mistakes. So, let’s just don’t think about it too much. For the time being, these are the only things we can do: being presence in the now, seizing the moments before they pass us by, and collecting memories. Loads and loads of memories worth remembering.
Because memories are what we all made of, and we are still going to carry them with us for many many years to come. Dear you, my lovely junior let's