I'm the worst blogger ? so, what !

Meet me again, with my ego conversation :)

hey, it's 2.11 pm, and I have nothing to do. I'm not in the mood for books, or even texting anybody. so? go online hehehe. Facebook & blog are still greatest friends for me, wherever & whenever. I love blogwalking, visiting people's blogs & read their corny stories is my hobby. I learn much from them, the way they write inspired me so much & make me feel that I'm the worst blogger ever. poor me! I'm not as creative as them. their blogs are full of nice photographs (of coz lah  taken w/ SLR or lomo camera), great-photoshoped picts, or maybe articles about fashion and combined with their perfect english. and me? hahahaha *laughing to myself* I just write about my friends and my friends and my friends and our activities mixed with my broken english hahahaha forgive-me-for-being-so-uncreative :p
 but what else I can do? I love photography, but I  don't have camera like them (my sister punya adalah !) . fashion ? oh helloo while other teenagers loved to wear Zalora clothes, I  still alive with my lame-fashion-style: simple clothes with jeans with sandal yang itu-itu saja  everywhere. naaah forgive-me-again-for-being-so-not-fashionable ;p

How about writing love story ?

oh no thanks :)

I never talk about my so-called love stories here. maybe I need a more-private place for blabbering about this one hahaha pssst this place is quite danger hahaha . Stalker, stalker  is everywhere.

this blog is 100% mine, owned by C.LA. so I write whatever I want to write, share whatever I want to share & thrash my mind out. some of my friends said that my blog is quite inspired them, and they loved staying here. glad to hear that :)

but if you don't enjoy your stay here, simply click your cross button on the right side and don't be back ya! Hehehe …

Go on.

Awas, blogging itu benar-benar bikin ketagih . Saya ketagihan dan ingin selalu ada disini. Menulis sesuatu. Berfikir tentang sesuatu lalu menulis. Tidak semua yang saya tulis itu terpublish. *mahu lihat draft saya*? Disana ada banyak sekali !
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