13 February 2014

Happy 81 YO , Tidiku

OMG guys! I have a hater on this dunia ! Mungkin ramai lagi tapi tak tau laah kan! This is interesting nak mampus seriusly! Now my life won't be that boring anymore hahahaha.!

If you think I'm mad at you, think again. I don't care at all. Hate me as much as you can. It is hatred that brings us down after all. Look at Israel & Palestine today.

And I can only smile at you dear :)

Oh yes, sorry Grandma  I have to wish you in this very bitter entry. Happy Birthday Tidiku ! haha. Now I am an adult! Hugs and kisses from me !! 81 yo ! semoga dikau selalu sihat dan gembira menikmati hidup ini. God bless you, Grandma.
Ni nenda gua , perenang handalan gitu :D



ain. said...

jemput join GA :)