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There will always be moments when we feel the most vulnerable. When we feel insecure and uneasy of our own imperfections. Yes, no one is perfect. We all have flaws of our own. But you know what, I'm sick of feeling terrible about myself! And we should all stop feeling imperfect. At least for one day in our lives.

To be honest, I'm not feeling so well about myself today. It's been a couple of days actually. I don't even know how to start. But the bottom line is, I feel terrible :(

I started thinking, what the hell am I feeling horrible for? I am an amazing person! Yes I am! And so are you! And then I came up with an idea, I want to make a list of reasons that makes me an amazing person. And I tag all of you to do so! Write a list of 10 good things about you, on your blog, on a Facebook note, or on a piece of paper, anywhere! Your choice. I tag EVERYONE to do this. Don't feel cocky, it's okay. there's nothing wrong about loving yourself. It's time to feel positive about yourself, so let's start with mine.

I am an amazing person because..

1) I am creative. I love writing and my imagination bring me alive !! wild imagination is good :p

2) I am a fun person. I like to have fun and be spontaneous. I'm goofy and I'll do anything for you to have a good time with me. I'm also romantic, and I love making surprises. Ceh !!

3) I have a good sense of humor. I'm funny! I'm not a comedian, but I love jokes, and I love laughing! Who doesn't! And this one reminds me that of course, I'm a fun person.

4) I am friendly and easygoing. I love making new friends, and that's pretty much all I've done for 29 years of my life so far. I'm a people person, there's nothing I love more than meeting new people, and I know I'm good at it.

5) I have a passion for animals. I'm not only a people person, I'm also an animal person. I loooove animals! My dream job is to be an animal rescue-er (does that make sense? Well you know what I mean right?). Even though I haven't succeeded to become a vegetarian, oops, but I still love animals.BUT , I am very allergic with wall lizard…I hate them ! I never kill them but I never love them …seram !!
6) I'm a sensitive person. It's not really exactly always a good thing, because I cry easily, I get mad easily, etc. But that makes me a good listener for others, I understand what other people feels, maybe not always literally, but because of that I'm a good friend.

7) I'm smart. I know I am. I'm not always the smartest kid in the classroom, or in the world, but I know I have a good knowledge. I love to read, I love to learn new things. I'm always curious, and experiences always teaches me new lessons which makes me more smart than I think I am.

8) I'm an optimistic person. I have good hopes for the future, some call me a dreamer, but what's wrong about that? I choose to believe I have a great future than feeling horrible and stop trying to make it come true. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that makes me confident to keep being optimistic.

9) I'm a thankful person. I've learned and experienced a lot. I've had opportunities, I've also made mistakes. And for whatever I've been through, it has taught me to be thankful of what I have, what I have gained, and what I am.

10) I love my family and friends more than anything in this world. I wouldn't be who I am today without them. Without them, I'm no one. I won't let anything hurt them, I know they wouldn't let anything hurt me. I'd do anything to make them happy, I really would. And really, they are who made me an amazing person :')

Wow, that wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, it was hard making a list like that!

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